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As most of the species of the subgenus Tetragonostachys of the genus Selaginella occur west of the Mississippi River. I have prepared PDF Fast Keys to the species found in specific Western USA states.

Below you will find links to those PDF files listed by the name of the state. For states without a link I have summarized the species found within those unlinked states at the bottom of this page.

Arizona species

California species

Colorado species

Montana species

New Mexico species

Texas species

Utah species

Wyoming species

Those states with few or one species only and the species that are found within them are:

Alaska: S. sibirica

Idaho: S. densa, S. wallacei, S. watsonii

Nevada: S. leucobryoides, S. utahensis, S. watsonii

North Dakota: S. densa, S. rupestris

Oklahoma: S. arenicola, S. peruviana, S. rupestris, S. underwoodii

Oregon: S. densa, S. oregana, S. wallacei. S. watsonii

South Dakota: S. densa, S. rupestris

Washington: S. densa, S. oregana, S. wallacei

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